Authentic Journey

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

This is your life. How are you showing up for it?

Restoration offers a relentless and creative experience of excellence to our clients. On our journey we've learned that your comfort is your wellness.


We began as a small yoga studio in the Heights, Texas and have grown to accommodate the holistic needs of former athletes, individuals with physical and cognitive differences, and adults reentering society.

Every one of us has experienced the powerful results of restoration, wellness, and learning by licensed industry veterans trained to provide service at the highest level. Now, take your journey to the next level.

Find our new locations across Texas and in homes across the United States. You can also find our locally crafted wellness products in your private sessions or as a treat all on its own.

Our Story

We noticed that during COVID our friends and neighbors were becoming unable to sustain positive feelings and were having trouble coping with stress.


New global pressures make everyday life feel overwhelming. Booking your wellness shouldn't be just one more hassle. That's why we created Restoration.

It's like Uber for Wellness. We are a talented group of licensed individuals offering bespoke wellness.

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